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Getnick Livingston Atkinson & Priore, LLP handles a wide array of legal matters in numerous areas of law.  Below is a listing of some of our primary areas of legal practice.  


Business Law

From entity formation to growth and exit strategies, our attorneys devise legal strategies that address business challenges.

We counsel businesses across a wide range of industries on the formation and maintenance of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies and other forms of business associations.

Creditors' Rights

When financial institutions and businesses need to pursue recovery of outstanding obligations or have their rights as creditors protected in Bankruptcy Court, our experienced attorneys are ready to help.  Representing exclusively creditors, our firm handles all aspects of Bankruptcy matters. 

Estate Planning

Our firm offers comprehensive estate planning services and expertise in all aspects of estate and tax planning and the administration of estates and trusts.  We provide legal services to everyone, from young couples needing a basic plan with a will, to seniors concerned with long term care and Medicaid planning, to business owners and other professionals requiring more extensive planning.

We also represent clients in all phases of court and administrative matters related to trusts and estates including probate, guardianships and litigation.

Family  Law

Our firm represents clients in both divorce and family law proceedings.  In each case, our primary focus is to negotiate a favorable settlement on behalf of our client, following a thorough investigation of relevant facts and legal principles.

However, if a negotiated settlement is not possible, we are always prepared to proceed to trial to ensure that our client receives a fair and equitable result.

Financial Services Law

Over the years, our firm has represented many banking and financial institutions in residential and commercial lending transactions and regulatory and workout matters.

Our approach is not only to provide practical, objective advice, but to bring closure to the matter in an economically efficient manner. We are very aware   of   the   competitive   economic environment in which financial institutions operate and our team approach to identifying and resolving issues in an expeditious fashion has proven to be very successful.


Our firm handles all aspects of court cases and numerous areas of civil law.

These areas include personal injury, wrongful death, labor and employment law, property law, commercial bankruptcy, product liability, collection, insurance, and other areas of law as needed.

Our attorneys have years of experience in representing clients in local, state and federal courts as well as in government proceedings, mediation and arbitration.

Personal Injury Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing seriously injured persons.

We help individuals litigate and receive compensations from those responsible for their injuries.

No case is too large for our firm to accept.   We have been successful in litigating a wide range of injury cases, including:

Real Estate Law

Whether representing individuals in purchasing homes or representing commercial clients in developing real estate, our attorneys, paralegals and staff have the expertise to finalize each transaction efficiently.

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